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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant

Individual Follicles Are Moved From The Donor Area To Restore Hair Loss

Like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) restores hair loss by moving follicles from a donor area to another location where hair loss is a concern. However, the method for removing follicles is different in an FUE, as we are able to take individual follicles from the donor area!
During FUE, follicles are retrieved with a small circular punch. Your follicles will be carefully extracted before all grafts are harvested and then implanted at the recipient site. The circular punch tool is roughly the diameter of a pencil point. Its small size reduces scarring risks - in most cases, no visible scarring takes place.

FUE has become the most popular treatment for hair transplantation. When compared to FUT, FUE offers several benefits, including:

Minimized scarring (FUT scars are naturally covered by your hair)
A more comfortable treatment
The ability to seek follicles from areas other than your scalp

For patients with low hair density, FUE can be approved when FUT may not be recommended. At our clinics, all FUE treatments are performed by surgeons or other medically licensed practitioners.

Before your procedure, you and your doctor will review what you discussed at your consultation, and we will confirm that FUE is still the procedure you want to pursue for your hair treatment. At this initial review, we will show you a template of the hairline and treatment area, which you can approve before undergoing care. We will take baseline photos of the areas that will be affected by your FUE, then we will move to the treatment room.

Hair in your donor area will be trimmed to roughly 1mm. Local anesthesia is applied before any follicles are harvested. Before placing your extracted follicles, the hairline is drawn, and treatment will proceed only after you have given your approval. Your surgeon will carefully prepare the recipient area before your technician places the hairs.
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    Patient Profile

    Age: 32

    Symptoms: Thinning in Front and Temporal Areas

    Causes: Male Pattern Hair Loss

    Treatment: FUE Hair Transplant & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
    Individual Results May Vary
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    Patient Profile

    Age: 34

    Symptoms: Thinning in Front and Temporal Areas

    Causes: Male Pattern Hair Loss

    Treatment: FUE Hair Transplant & Optimal Platelet Concentration (OPC) Therapy
    Individual Results May Vary


Why Do Patients Choose FUE instead of FUT?

There are several benefits to choosing FUE over FUT for hair restoration. FUE can be less painful, it minimizes scarring, and it gives us the option to take hairs from areas other than your scalp. It is also a viable treatment option for those with low hair density.

Will I Experience Pain During Or After My Procedure?

Local anesthesia is provided during your procedure, so you should not have any pain. After your FUE is performed, you may experience some pain during the evening. This discomfort can be addressed with over the counter pain relievers like Tylenol or aspirin. You should not have issues with pain the day after your procedure.

Will I Be Awake During My FUE?

Patients do remain awake during their FUE. If you prefer, we can offer you a sedative to help you stay relaxed during your procedure.

What Can I Expect During My Procedure?

After your consultation, you will move to the treatment room. Your donor area will be shaved, and local anesthetic will be provided to prevent pain during the extraction process. An motorized circular punch tool is used to safely and carefully remove follicles, which are harvested for placement in the recipient area. Your hairline will be drawn and approved by you before you receive them. After your technician completes the placement process, your surgeon will review the procedure, and provide necessary instructions before you return home.

What Should I Do After Treatment?

All necessary medications and other products are provided at our office. The price provided for your procedure includes any medicines, shampoos, and follow-up visits.

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