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Our surgeons have over 35 years of experience and have successfully completed over 8,000 hair restoration procedures.

Get a personalized plan from Dr. Brand and Dr. Distefano, New England’s leading experts in hair transplants.

Surgical Treatments

Over 8,000 hair restoration procedures completed

You will not find a more experienced hair transplant team than Dr. Thomas Brand and Dr. Mark DiStefano.

Modern hair transplants have come a long way from the “plugs” of the 1980’s. Expert surgeons, like Dr. Brand and Dr. DiStefano, are able to provide natural looking results and with new options like the No Shave FUE, there has never been a better time to get a hair transplant procedure.
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Non-Surgical Treatments

At Northeast Hair Restoration, we offer the most innovative non-surgical treatments

Treating hair loss should not be a one size fits all approach, and for many men in the early stages of hair loss and most women, it is often best to treat their hair loss with some of the great non-surgical options now available.

At Northeast Hair Restoration, we offer the most innovative non-surgical treatments, from innovative in-office treatments to, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Supplements & Vitamins, and Topical Products.
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“I’ve actually had people say this guys got gorgeous hair… “

Hear directly from one of Dr. DiStefano's hair transplant patients. 

Hear how Dr. DiStefano helped him go from the guy that was worried about going bald in his 30's to the guy who gets compliments on his hair.  

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Hair Restoration

Dr. Brand and Dr. DiStefano are committed to the most advanced techniques to bring you the best results for hair growth. Offering both surgical and non-surgical treatments, our surgeons are able to deliver the best results for their patients. Schedule your free consultation with our team to discuss your hair loss needs today.
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Hair Transplantation

Say goodbye to outdated "plugs" from the 1980s - modern hair transplants have revolutionized the industry. Renowned surgeons, Dr. Brand and Dr. DiStefano, are now delivering natural-looking results. Plus, with innovative options like No Shave FUE, there's never been a better time to consider a hair transplant procedure.
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Satisfaction Guarantee

At Northeast Hair Restoration, we guarantee patient satisfaction with all of our hair transplants. Approximately 92-95% of all the transplanted hair is expected to grow. If a patient, after completing an in-person follow-up visit at 12 and 15 months, is unsatisfied with his or her hair transplant, we will replace any graft that did not grow at no charge to the patient.
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Hair Graft Estimator

All hair transplants require patients to have enough hair available in the donor area to use as grafts. To estimate how many graphs you may need in your transplant, click on the photo below that most correlates with your hair loss.
Mens Graft Estimator
This is an educational tool to get an idea on the number of grafts required for a hair transplant. The actual number of grafts can only be provided by Dr. DiStefano during your consultation.

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Welcome to Northeast Hair Restoration

The Northeast Hair Restoration team is comprised of an expert team of physicians with over 35 years of combined experience in hair restoration. Our team is committed to providing the most advanced options available to our patients and were the first in New England to offer the No Shave FUE.

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